Drunk Eggs (Beer and Eggs)

Yzenith.com Drunk Eggs (Beer and Eggs)

Drunk Eggs (Beer and Eggs)

Yzenith.com Drunk Eggs (Beer and Eggs)

Attention:  Beer or Egg lovers!

Do You Think Beer is Only Kind of Drink? Or Pour it Away When You Can Not Drink it All? Now Ready For Some Change? ( This is Recipe, So it is Not About Beer and Eggs can Chicken-_-) With Our Beer Flavored Eggs, You Can Have a More Cheerful and Healthy Breakfast or Afternoon Snacks. Try it, Tell us How You Like it!

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  1. Remaining Beer 12 oz
  2. Eggs 6
  3. Soy Sauce 5 g
  4. Sugar 5 g
  1. Clean all eggs surface. pour some cold water into the wok, and add some salt.
  2. Turn off the gas after water boiled with high heat. keep the eggs in the wok for another 5 Minutes then wash with cold water again.
  3. Peel off all the eggshells
  4. Prepare beer, soy sauce and sugar
  5. Draw few lines on the eggs surface with a knife
  6. Put beer, soy sauce and sugar into the wok. boil with high heat
  7. Do not cover the wok in case it spills out.
  8. Stir the eggs often for even coloring
  9. Cook with low heat until the sauce is fully absorbed



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